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Tranquil Thoughts Collection

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Picture of Tranquil Thoughts Collection
Picture of Abundance


Picture of Loving Thought

Loving Thought

Picture of Thought of Tranquility
Picture of Faithful Wishes

Faithful Wishes

Picture of Graceful Garden

Graceful Garden


The Tranquil Thoughts Collection is an elegant tribute featuring all-white Lilies, Roses, Spray Roses, Snap Dragons, and Daisies with greenery accents. The flowers used in this collection symbolize restored innocence of the soul, purity, and innocence. Whether you mix and match between the timeless five-piece collection or go with the collection as a whole it will be an elegant tribute for your loved one.

Would you like to customize the collection or learn more? Call us at 403-276-1184 to talk to one of our funeral specialists.