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Our Policies

At Incredible Florist, we take pride in our same-day delivery service and our beautiful, unique floral designs. To make the process as smooth as possible, we have a few policies in place that you should keep in mind when ordering your flowers:

        When delivering to a care facility for seniors, the flowers are left at the main desk for security and safety reasons.

        Due to the inconsistency of our ability to deliver flowers to your loved one at hospitals, we find it challenging to complete the task as requested. As a result, to avoid disappointment, please send the flowers to a friend or relative of your loved one who can bring the flowers to them. If the order must be delivered to a hospital, please make sure to include the recipient's full first and last name.

        We are unable to cancel an order if it’s already on the truck to be delivered. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your order.

        We cannot guarantee or predict delivery times. Our deliveries to home addresses occur between 11 am and 8 pm, although we often deliver earlier during busy holidays. If you have a time request, please call us at 403-276-1184 and we will let you know if we can accommodate your request

       We require a recipient phone number as well as their first and last name, as we may need to call them for a number of reasons (to be allowed access to the building, to ask for directions if lost, to let them know we have flowers for them if they aren’t home, etc.). Please do not use your own number in place of theirs.

      Deliveries outside the city limits will be subject to a $14.95 delivery fee; you may be contacted for this fee if you selected "special free delivery" but are sending out of the city limits.

        If the recipient isn’t home when we attempt delivery and the weather is nice, we will leave the flowers on the front step. If the weather is poor, we will attempt to leave the flowers with a neighbour and leave a tag on the recipient's door to let them know. If neighbours are unavailable, the flowers will be returned to the shop and a voice message or door tag is left. We then leave it in their hands to contact us to arrange a good time to deliver the flowers. Please note: redeliveries may be subject to a fee of $12.95 (or $14.95 for redeliveries outside of Calgary). Call us if you have any questions about redelivering. 

        We are unable to deliver to P.O. boxes.

        Our cut-off time for same-day business delivery is 12 pm. Business deliveries are completed by 4 pm. If the recipient is leaving work earlier than 4 pm, please call us at 403-276-1184 to let us know so we can arrange for a delivery before their shift ends, or send to a home address. Please note: business deliveries are left at the front desk for security purposes. We do not deliver directly to specific offices at business addresses.

Our cut-off time for same-day school deliveries is 10 am, and deliveries to schools are completed by 3 pm (with the exception of dormitories at universities, which will be treated like home deliveries). Please make sure the school is open on the day you would like the flowers delivered, as they sometimes close for professional development or conferences. For security reasons, we do not deliver directly to classrooms; flowers will be left at the front office.

        Any complaints of damage or suspected quality issues must be reported within 48 hours. Please email photos of the arrangement to and call us to let us know about the issues. We do not replace flowers past 48 hours.


If you have any further questions, please call us at 403-276-1184 or email